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Praise and Mentions from Around the World

We deeply appreciate every person who has taken the time to write about, or mention, our books and ebooks.

Here is a sample of the comments we have found on the Net, or received via email.

50 Benefits of eBooks answers the question, “Why eBooks?” and serves as an invaluable compass for navigating the ever-changing ePublishing industry. This book – or eBook – is worth a pilgrimage if you are in publishing or if you are a savvy trendwatcher with an eye on the publishing revolution.

— Maurice Bassett, Publisher, AbrahamMaslow.com

Michael Pastore of Zorba Press has released a revised edition of his benefits of eBooks title. The new title – 50 Benefits of Ebooks – is available now in .pdf form and soon in EPUB and paperback for the very small price of $2.00.
I like benefit #13 – Ebooks Are Cheaper to Buy
In this entry, Michael predicts “Ebook prices will plummet! Or I will eat this ebook” I hope so Michael. But if they don’t, what condiment will you put on those bits and bytes? gulp.

— Sue Polanka, Head of Reference, Wright State University Libraries, in her blog No Shelf Required

“This is definitely a must read for anyone who is remotely interested in where the publishing industry is heading. It is also great to read if you are a fan of ebooks, because you will learn more about them, where to find them and where the industry is heading. Equally, if you are not a fan of ebooks, you need to read it for your education! It is not a technical book – it is packed with literary references and is hugely readable.”

— Joanna Penn, Author and Speaker, The Creative Penn

A book has just been published called: 50 Benefits of EBooks : A Thinking Person’s Guide to the Digital Reading Revolution. It does not claim to be comprehensive but to stimulate thinking on trends in ebook publishing that are clearly gathering pace. Here is an extract from the book’s blurb:

  • “Ebook newcomers will find the basics here. Scholars and mothers, concerned about the dumbing effects of technology, will be gripped by the essay “The Monster Reads!”. And ebook professionals can debate and debunk the author’s wild predictions for the rosy and thorny future of ebooks, by devouring the essay: “Publishing Ebooks – Ten Tremendous Trends in 2009 .”

And all this for a modest $2 in electronic format.

— Jayne Marks, on the blog SAGE Connection

A PDF and eEPUB version is also available to buy online now for a mere $2 (£1.25) and the paperback will be released tomorrow.

— A blog in England, The Manchester Lit List: literature, news & events from Manchester Libraries

Opvallend vond ik de “was het het waard?” afweging die je toch maakt bij zo’n boek. Het was spotgoedkoop, dus zeg je al snel “voor dat geld was het zeker goed genoeg”. En daarmee doe ik het boek dan toch te kort. Het bevat onderdelen die je als snelle referentie gebruikt maar ook onderdelen die je een tweede of derde keer wilt lezen en die je aan het denken zetten. Het is bij mijn weten het eerste en tot nu toe enige boek over eBooks met een literaire insteek en daarom zeker de moeite van het aanschaffen en lezen waard.

English translation from Google: I found it striking the “was it worth it?” consideration when you do make such a book. It was dirt cheap, so you say soon “for the money was certainly good enough”. And so do I book still too short. It contains components that you used as a quick reference but also parts that you half or third time you want to read and think. It is to my knowledge the first and so far only book about eBooks with a literary approach and therefore definitely worth buying and worth reading.

— Part of a full book review from a blog in the Netherlands, by Pierre Gorissen, ICT & Onderwijs BLOG

Michael Pastore har netop udgivet bogen 50 Benefits of Ebooks – A Thinking Person’s Guide to the Digital Reading Revolution
Mere information om bogen: the companion site of the book and ebook
Bogen kan købes her hos Lulu.com. Prisen for den elektroniske bog er $2 mens papirudgaven koster $20.

— A blog in Denmark, from the Copenhagen Business School, CBS Bibliotek

New Book About eBooks Out This Week!

— Headline News (2009-Sept-21) in gmonthly, The Project Gutenberg Monthly Newsletter

Gives a broad introduction and an up-to-date status on eBooks and ePublishing for newcomers and experts. The eBook is aggressivly priced 2 USD and with a 1 USD special discount for senior citizens, like me (and for buyers of earlier edition). You learn about A. Benefits of eBooks and pBooks; B. Reading eBooks; C. eBooks for Authors and Publishers; D. the Value of Reading; and E. Resources for eBooklovers. Written by Michael Pastore. Zorba Press, ISBN: 978-0-927379-17-5. Paperback, 374 pages, Indexed, 20 USD

— Hugo E. Martin, on his blog based in Germany Notebook HEM

50 Benefits of Ebooks: Edition September 2009

— Announced in eBooks Just Published

50 Benefits of Ebooks is Published in a Revised and Expanded Edition (September 2009)

— Post on Epublishers Weekly.com (Disclosure: that’s our blog.)

50 Benefits of Ebooks — Reviewed on Publetariat

— From Publetariat (This is a cross-posting of Joanna Penn’s review of the March 2009 edition of the book).

DERRIBANDO MITOS FALSOS … Por Jaime Gonzalo Cordero | Published: 2 Abril 2009 …
Hoy veo en el Twitter de Javier Celaya la referencia a un artículo de Michael Pastore, en el que este bloguero y autor del libro 50 Benefits of Ebooks derriba diez mitos infundados contrarios a los libros electrónicos. Quienes visiten con cierta asiduidad este blog saben que el asunto de los libros electrónicos es recurrente en él.

— From escritordeoficio.com (a blog in Spanish).

50 Benefits of Ebooks – new expanded edition

— Posted by Paul Biba on Teleread

50 Benefits of Ebooks is published in a revised and expanded edition (September 2009)

— Post on Peter Scott’s Library Blog

50 Benefits of Ebooks (March 2009)

— Posted by Sylvia Hubbard on Internet Marketing for Writiers

El libro 50 Beneficios de los Ebooks (50 Benefits of Ebooks, disponible en inglés) de Michael Pastore, el autor de la famosa lista “10 Mitos Populares sobre los Ebooks“, se anuncia en Epublishers Weekly como un producto de gran interés para autores, editores, educadores y lectores.
Este libro, subtitulado “Revolución digital de la lectura”, a la venta en papel al precio de 20 $, está disponible en Ebook (no podía ser de otra forma) en formato PDF por 1$ (0,78 €).
El futuro del libro, como hemos comentado en otras ocasiones, ya no es futuro. Es presente.

— Post on a blog in Spain, rdeditores

50 Benefits of Ebooks — new expanded edition

— Post on Flakerze, a blog in Poland

Второе издание книги “50 benefits of e-books” доступно за $2
Опубликовано 15 сентября 2009
50 benefits of e-books
Об этом сообщил автор на сайте книги (Buy the PDF) Первое издание книги за $1 я купил. Понравилось.
Сейчас буду второе покупать Купил. И пожалел, что конвертера PDF во что-нибудь приличное нет под рукой (можно через Word конвертировать, но долго это). Вот издал авто для чтения в электронной форме…
Но ведь треть листа – ПОЛЯ… Не было бы их вполне бы на 6″ ридере было комфортно читать…
Но в жизни, всё равно, нет и не может быть совершенства…

— Post on a blog in the Russian language

50 Benefits of Ebooks: A Thinking Person’s Guide to the Digital Reading Revolution by Michael Pastore. Afterword by Michael S. Hart, Founder, Project Gutenberg. Revised and Expanded Edition: September 2009

— Post from GIADET, a Portuguese-language blog in the Azores

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