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cover of 50 Benefits of Ebooks (September 2009) - EPUB

50 Benefits of Ebooks — $ 4

How to Buy the Ebook in Format EPUB

Our EPUB ebook is available right now ! … To buy the EPUB:

1. Click this link to the EPUB ebook web page on the Zorba Press Website: 50 Benefits of Ebooks on the Zorba Press website

2. Click the button that says “Click Here to Buy”.

3. Enter your payment information (either Credit Card or Paypal).

4. After you make your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email; and then another email that contains the link to download your ebook.

5. You will receive a zipped file with both formats: PDF and EPUB. (The EPUB edition has no DRM.)

A PDF edition of this ebook is also available.

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